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Nick van de wall

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Nick van de wall


Afrojack is one of the most famous house dj`s in the world because of his public image.
Afrojack is a highly entertaining dj and I love most of his song`s to date but the one on my mind today is
“Polkadots” it was a club smasher and if used today it still will do the job i applaud Nick van de wall(afrojack)
for this smasher and ” WE SHOULD ALL WEAR POLKADOTS” 🙂



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MGMT is a really cool psychedelic band my favourite song of them is also kids , i would like them to make a duo with Mumford & sons

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MGMT are a psychedelic band. To many, that may seem like stating the obvious, but it bears repeating, because when “Time To Pretend” and “Kids,” their two purest pop songs, became genuine mainstream hits, the public decided they were a synth-pop group instead. In other words, the image the duo made for themselves was corrupted, and the anomalies in their catalogue came to define them. So upon release, their superb second album, Congratulations, was met with some derision from fans and critics appalled to learn that the duo were going in a different direction. It’s fitting, then, that MGMT waited until now to release a self-titled album, because this is where Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser reclaim their identity as experimentalist weirdos, the kind who aren’t interested in penning Billboard singles. Indeed, MGMT is awash in studio-as-instrument trickery and trippy sound effects, evoking everything from…

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How music affects our daily lives

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Music is all around us, we listen to it all the time.There is a music genre for all our emotions

if we happy,sad,angry,depressed we listen to songs that caters for every emotion we feel

so today the song in my mind is form Labrinth ” express yourself” it is a feel good song and i hope you enjoy.


watch: “xxx 88 (feat. diplo)” – mø

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With her debut EP being released later this fall, Karen Marie Ørsted aka ‘s only official release to date has been her “Waste of Time” 7″ single.  Apparently that hasn’t stopped her from teaming up with Diplo to make some new music.

The collaboration makes sense, given that MØ will be supporting Major Lazer on some of their European dates in November. Take a look at what the two put together with the video for that collaboration, “XXX 88”:

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Ralf Gum

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I really dont know much about Ralf Gum but what I do know is that

Ralf makes good music , Really good music e.g Take me to my love is an exeptional song

which just stay on replay in my mind its definitely a chilled song but its also a club smasher if you  love female voices

you`ll love Ralf Gum`s Take me to my love.

P.s the remixes are exeptional.

Dj Kent : The most unpredictable Disc Jockey

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Dj kent has to be the most interesting dj in south africa he recently released his 3rd album if i`m correct ,

the album`s name is ‘The Weekent’ the song stuck in my head of that album is `Spin my world around` feat The Arrows

for me this song is the best song since ‘These tears’ from Spiritchaser the piano element of the two songs is similar if i`m not mistaken

but like the unpredictable dj Kent is he brought out other element that you wouldnt normally hear this song is for the chilllng kind of vibe

although its a club smasher if i was rating this song it would be norhing less than a 4 or what do you think?