Bassjackers & GRX – Gamer (Original Mix)

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killer track more than enough to keep me goin

The Bangin Beats

With a lead that gets your adrenaline rushing from the word go, which can be attributed to ace Dutch duo, Bassjackers and Martin Garrix‘s signature chord pattern, the grittiness in the track shines perfectly. True to its title, “Gamer” captures the intensity of even the most hardcore of video games and brings that energy to the dance floor. The track has big room written all over it with it’s monstrous kick, science fiction synth sections and a drop that will surely knock you straight of your feet.

Interestingly, with the track, Martin Garrix has decided to try his hand at an alternate alias and although the future of GRX is not clear, the world waits eagerly to see what the 17 year old chart topping star has in store for fans.

Another quality stomper on the DOORN imprint. Get it now on Beatport!

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