Maor Levi spreads Halloween cheer with a hilarious rework of Martin Garrix’s “Animals”

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I like the normal song Animals but if the remix is hilarious then i dont know

The Bangin Beats

If you’ve woken up and recovered from your costume backed revelry last night, we have one more surprise to add to your Halloween candy bag!

Progressive trance producer/DJ, Maor Levi has decided to take on one of the most successful tracks of the summer by posting a preview of his ‘remix’ of Martin Garrix‘s “Animals“. Starting out as you would probably expect it, the track takes a dive into the ‘singing in the car’ territory. The remix incorporates beatboxing, a Judy Garland sample & what seems to be either a creative use of Auto-Tune or a lot of helium.

With 50,000 plays and counting, the mix certainly seems that it will go down as one of the more unique takes on the tune – if it ever in fact gets a release that is.

In any case, click the play button below to enjoy the surprise which…

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