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I’m Back

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Its been a while guys and I have been patiently waiting for a good time to post something for you guys sorry that I made and disappearing act on you but I’m back to stay and Can I add the “Musicsphere” has been going mad with thee latest EDM , Minimal , Progressive Beats being released and Not to Talk about the “New old” Genre’s popping up Like Bass & Jackin’ House and UK garage…

These Dj’s/Producers has been working hard to entertain us;

David Guetta
Sander Van Doorn
Martin Garrix
&Many Many More

So you will hear a lot of me lately so just keep you eyes peeled and watch out for my new posts.


Dreams, Life , Music

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My life is all about music.Everyday music plays apart in my life,with every emotion there
is a song attached to it.

When I`m happy I listen to upbeat music,when I`m down I would listen to slower music and when im angry and
stressed I listen to rock.

So my blog is all about the music that I`m currently listening to:




My Dreams come alive with music.

Bassjackers & GRX – Gamer (Original Mix)

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killer track more than enough to keep me goin

The Bangin Beats

With a lead that gets your adrenaline rushing from the word go, which can be attributed to ace Dutch duo, Bassjackers and Martin Garrix‘s signature chord pattern, the grittiness in the track shines perfectly. True to its title, “Gamer” captures the intensity of even the most hardcore of video games and brings that energy to the dance floor. The track has big room written all over it with it’s monstrous kick, science fiction synth sections and a drop that will surely knock you straight of your feet.

Interestingly, with the track, Martin Garrix has decided to try his hand at an alternate alias and although the future of GRX is not clear, the world waits eagerly to see what the 17 year old chart topping star has in store for fans.

Another quality stomper on the DOORN imprint. Get it now on Beatport!

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awsome tune it gets me off my feet every time!!!! thanx for the tune and the battle.

Green Velvet – Unshakeable [Album]

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The Bangin Beats

Green Velvet- Unshakeable Album

Born from the extraordinary womb of techno music, ‘Green Velvet’ is a legendary man who is known to the lovers of this elevated sub genre of dance music.  After producing fantastic music for more than two decades he is back with his groovy and very chic album “Unshakeable” under the  label Relief Records. 

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Martin Solveig & Laidback Luke – Blow (Original Mix)

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The Bangin Beats

Martin Solveig & Laidback Luke - Blow (Original Mix)


It’s taken these two quite a long time to perfect this tune, but it seems like the deadly combination of Martin Solveig and Laidback Luke has finally paid off. Premiering their collab titled Blow at this year’s Tomorrowland, we’re treated to a gigantic tune, that’s surprised us slightly, to be frank! Knowing Solveig’s lighter radio-hit tendencies, Blow is a much deeper tune that pays greater attention to Dutch house synths rather than slower BPMS. Keyworthy mention- do watch out for the elephant sound FX when you listen below! Released via Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records, purchase it on Beatport!


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Maor Levi spreads Halloween cheer with a hilarious rework of Martin Garrix’s “Animals”

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I like the normal song Animals but if the remix is hilarious then i dont know

The Bangin Beats

If you’ve woken up and recovered from your costume backed revelry last night, we have one more surprise to add to your Halloween candy bag!

Progressive trance producer/DJ, Maor Levi has decided to take on one of the most successful tracks of the summer by posting a preview of his ‘remix’ of Martin Garrix‘s “Animals“. Starting out as you would probably expect it, the track takes a dive into the ‘singing in the car’ territory. The remix incorporates beatboxing, a Judy Garland sample & what seems to be either a creative use of Auto-Tune or a lot of helium.

With 50,000 plays and counting, the mix certainly seems that it will go down as one of the more unique takes on the tune – if it ever in fact gets a release that is.

In any case, click the play button below to enjoy the surprise which…

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